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What it Takes (2013)

What it takesWhat it takes

The much anticipated new album from Tara “What it Takes” …this album is bursting with heart, soul and good times.
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  1. Loveable
  2. Something That’s Real
  3. I’ve Heard That Voice Before
  4. Sweet Talker
  5. To Get Me To You
  6. What it Takes
  7. Take the Memories
  8. Little by Little
  9. Broken
  10. Listen
  11. Happy Days
  12. Tough Go Shopping
  13. Little Things
  14. What’s A Girl Supposed to Do

Now's The Time (2009)

Now's The TimeNow's The Time

Now's the Time, the heartfelt and long awaited 13-track CD, brings together a collection of dynamic music and lyrics that tells the story of her life so far. It is an album that could only now be produced as it reflects, not just her experiences, but clearly shows where she is heading.

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  1. It'll Be Me
  2. This Home Ain't His Home
  3. Hang On To Your Halo
  4. If I Didn't Have You
  5. Ships
  6. Don't Say A Word
  7. Dreams
  8. People Get Ready
  9. Just Not Tonight
  10. Now's The Time
  11. Do You Wanna Dance (featuring Rob Wilson)
  12. Once In A Lifetime Friend
  13. Who Is That Woman In The Mirror?

Strong Hands (2004)

Strong HandsStrong Hands

Strong Hands the first EP from Tara in 2004.

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  1. Strong Hands
  2. Rings Around the Moon
  3. Daddy's Little Man
  4. Cowboy on the Run
  5. Standing Too Close to The Flame
  6. Back in the Saddle

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